Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My First Date with the IPad

As a PC enthusiast I never really had the urgency of buying into the Apple reality distortion products such as the Mac, the Iphone, Ipod touch and now finally the swelt looking IPad. Although I would occasionally feel the need to caress an Iphone, I firmly abstained from playing with the Apple products when I am near phone retail outlets and electronic stores for fear that I would be infused with the Apple product obsession.

However my need as a photographer was a method of carrying my portfolio easily to weddings or to any functions that will allow me show off my work. Although the IPod touch was a great product, the small size was a deterrent to my photos and plus the fact that I always thought of the IPod touch as a music player more then a work tool.

It was the IPad's advertisement of its ability to display photos with relative ease and speed that baited me for the first look and subsequently my first touch at the computer store. The thinness was so alluring that I could feel my "buy me now" hormones kicking in. I did not give in to buy the product right away on my first date.

It wasn't until my 3rd date at the computer store and countless hours of researching on the internet that I finally popped the question "will you be my ipad?"

With credit card in hand, I was ready to move a Mac product into my life not knowing how my PC products would feel about a foreign OS amongst our midst of Microsoft products.

The unboxing of the IPad was unmistakable electrifying as it sat naked in the Apple box. Shimmering and thin, I had never had anything that was as sexy as this product. I quickly covered up her assets in the IPad case that was also made by Apple. Even the case hugged the Ipad's curves and almost made it look more thinner by the protruding tapered edges.

With trepidation, I searched and downloaded Apple's Itune product and installed this foreign program on my PC. Connected the IPad to the usb port and I spent the next half hour trying to create an Apple app store account. The problem being that my password could not be Apple666 since repeating numerics were not allowed.

I knew that the PC didn't like my Apple IPad immediately as the IPad refuses to charge with my PC USB ports. Thankfully syncing was relatively painless as I loaded up my IPad with photos and music.

I took my IPad to its first wedding, not knowing quite how to introduce "her" to the wedding guest. Do I say "Hey do you want to see my IPad?" or do I just casually and quietly put her on the table waiting for someone to ask for an introduction.

Thankfully, the ice was broken by a simple question "Do you do any other types of photography?"

"Why Yes I do" as I brought out my IPad...

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