Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 Intelligent Reason for Buying an Iphone 4

Most Window users prefer either a Windows phone 7 or Google Android for the simple reason that it is not an Apple device. In fact anything related to Apple is usually considered a consumer market device and anyone who buys an Apple product is usually an uninformed buyer or an idiot.

If you show an Android user a fantastic IPhone App, they will either say "its stupid!" because it hasn't been ported over to Android or conversely say "Android has it and their phone only cost half as much as your IPhone".

Most buyers are uninformed and for most, it is a no-brainer that the IPhone is the phone to get but it usually because a co-worker, neighbor, friend or family member has bought one.

The usual response on

Q. why did you buy the IPhone 4?
A. it was hard to get so I had to pre-order mine.

So I have decided that it is time for all IPhone users to upgrade their credibility and provide an infallible quip for any Apple haters.

I've spent over 30 years on various PC, pocket PC's, Windows Mobile, linux open source and I know why I bought an IPhone 4 and it is not because everyone has one.

So lets begin... remember lying is acceptable when defending yourself against the Androids
  1. My IPhone 4 $20 corporate plan came with a great unlimited data plan, 400 phone minutes with unlimited long distance but the package was only with an IPhone 4.
  2. I needed a particular app (you have to do some research on what apps are available to only the IPhone 4 and not on Android) e.g. Tom Tom GPS software and Air Video, both are apps that the Android currently does not support. Although Google Maps with voice is the alternative on Android but it still requires the internet for accessing GPS maps. Tom Tom is a standalone app that does not require internet access which allows you to use it outside your country without paying for the $3 a MB charge.
  3. I am using both Mac devices an IPhone and an IPad and I needed my apps to run on both. Currently there are only one upcoming Android device that might be an IPad killer but it might be at least a year before Android Pads and Android phones work harmoniously together.
  4. I am a Doctor that only medical software runs on the IPad and IPhone. A lot of apps are being developed for the Medical field due to the portability of the IPad.
  5. I want to watch my downloaded movies on my IPhone anywhere, streamed from my home server. Currently only the IPhone and IPad supports Air Video that streams and converts in real time to a format that is playable on both IPhone and IPad. This app is still in development on Android.
  6. I got my IPhone for $50 compared to the $100 Android phone. When asked where? tell them that your Uncle Bob that works at Bell got you this great plan.
  7. I am a software developer and in the process of converting my Android apps over to the Apple Platform.
  8. My company is paying for the phone and has converted from Palm/Blackberry to the IPhone. Most Android users will rate users of a Palm and Blackberry's below that of IPhone. So it is a step up and stating that your company is paying for it means that you didn't have a choice in your selection; unless you own your own company but even then if you say it quick enough they may not realize or remember that you are self employed.
  9. I really wanted the HTC Desire but it was too expensive but I found this IPhone 4 on craigslist for only a $100. I think it is stolen, but I bought it anyway...
  10. I buy all the phones as they come out just to play with them. I am only carrying the IPhone 4 because it was the last phone that I tested. The HTC desire is still in the box waiting for me to do a un-boxing video.

I won't guarantee that an Android user will believe you or find any of the above reasons to be acceptable; therefore you must be prepared to refute any arguments they may have by doing the research before buying the IPhone 4.

My reasoning was that my corporate plan was expiring and in order to keep it I had to renew and since I will be adding data to my $20/month plan, I figure that IPhone 4 would be a great play around phone for the next 3 years.

Also I am looking into developing for the Apple platform, seeing if I can be the creator of the next "got to have" app for the IPhone; although this is more dubious in acceptability then "I am a doctor that needs doctor apps".

If none of the above reasoning are acceptable and if you have to make up an excuse, just don't say "oh I had to have that nice shiny thin phone"!

If in doubt, just smile and say nothing.

Friday, November 12, 2010

I am feeling guilty but enjoying every moment!!

So my PC, Android, Windows Mobile phone buddies are making me feel guilty and rightly so for buying into the biggest closed system on the market where Steve Jobs dictates to me what software that I'm allowed to run (eg. no flash for website browsing), no external SD card, no upgradability on either battery pack or hard drive, but somehow I am addicted and have been happily assimilated into the Apple culture.

The most interesting thing about Apple is the experience!!

From the single IPad purchase, I've expanded my Apple ownership to a Mac Mini as well as an IPhone 4. One thing that you cannot accuse me of is blind marketing purchase as this is the first time that I actually invested time and effort in the research before making an informed decision to buy each Apple product.

It all starts with a great user experience. On the Mac Mini, even with a 2.4Ghz duo cpu, about 30-50% less power then my already outdated Quad 3ghz system, I am never left with the feeling that the Mac Mini was underpowered. In fact with the new IPhoto 11 to create Wedding photo albums, Garage Band to record my Piano Midi music and VM Fusion to run old Window apps, I am totally stoked on learning a new operating system as well as feeling satiated; a feeling that I haven't felt for a long time even with the introduction of Windows 7.

With Microsoft Windows, it was always the feeling of the Same ol, Same ol windows. It was never a breath of fresh air as it is with the Mac. In all my days of computers since the late 1970's, this is the first time that I could actually say that I'm having fun with my computer.

It is the user experience. With the IPad that I use as my Portfolio, it simply displays my Photos in stunning colors and resolution that sells my work to my clients. Pass the IPad to anyone and they are immersed into my world of photos without having to teach them how to navigate or where to navigate to see my photos. Squeeze and flick, the photos comes to life as though they were pages in a book.

Granted we had all these apps on phones before, but somehow the immersive experience on an IPad is just that much better. For the first time, internet browsing on a portable device has become fun and believe me, I had the first notebook computer, netbook, pocket PC and none of those devices has even come close in browsing the internet as it is on the IPad. The ability to zoom in on any part of the web page is a gift to my old age eyes. A quick swipe and the pages move.

After making an informed decision to buy the IPhone 4 today, after synching, all of my bought apps were loaded on my IPhone and worked immediately without having to re-purchase the same apps for my IPhone. One purchase works across all my Apple devices.

There is always something new to discover and it is a constant "Ahhhhh" moment that was always missing with the old windows environment. Perhaps it is just the fact that it is all new to me, but even with Windows 7 when there were things to discover, it was never an "ahhhh" moment.

From HD video recording, ibooks, a 5 megapixel camera, internet, video streaming, games, the list is endless and yes you will find all these functions on an Android phone, but somehow discovering these features on the IPhone is more refreshing.

The neat thing is that all three of my Apple products works together and I prefer a closed system of three rather then an open system like android of one.

ps. IBook bookmarks will sync between the IPhone and IPad so if you were reading on the IPhone and decided to continue reading on the IPad, sync the two devices and your bookmarks are copied.