Monday, January 24, 2011

Putting aside my iPad

Back when I owned the first generation HTC Touch phone when I was able to get unlimited internet, email on phone, TV streaming, I ended up using the device in a very limited way simply because of the screen size of 320x200; even with reading glasses the resolution was appalling to read.

I owned this device for 3 years because of a great contract through Bell which offered me unlimited mobile internet with 150 minutes phone time for only $20/month.

I use to laugh at the poor mobile users who answered their emails on their phone or attempted to browse the internet thinking that their experience was akin to my limited 320x200 screen experience; little did I know that technology had pass me.

The iPad was a real eye opener since it was the first time in a decade since I owned a portable device that really allowed me to browse the internet anywhere and actually read and respond to my email while sitting at McDonald on a 1024x768 screen. The monthly fee for 3g was only $35 for 5gb of data and I carried this device around for months in my handy iPad man bag.

However recently, the iPad has been put aside and is now my official coffee table tablet. With the cancelation of the 3g plan, the device is useless for travel.

iPhone 4

Instead, my iPhone has taken up the role of my day to day desktop computer with exception of photo editing.

With a resolution of 960x640 pixels, it is a breeze to read iBooks, read and respond to email, set up calendar events and even browse the internet (zooming into the web page with ease when needed).

It plays over 3000 songs, it allows me to stream movies (any format) using air video from my server, and for a little while it was serving up netflix, whether I'm sitting at McDonald or sitting on my couch, and with almost over half a million apps in the Apple iTune store I am never bored whether I'm playing a racing game or sudoku.

It is the phone that I wake up to and checking my email from the comforts of my bed in the morning, to a device that I depend on throughout the day from planning my calendar events to taking quick photos, to the device that I take to bed with me for reading ibooks or watching a movie under the covers.

I've been a cell phone owner since 1988 bricks and I have to say that the iPhone 4 has been the best experience so far...

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